In 1929, CRAIN BROTHERS INC. was started by two brothers who were in need of specialized equipment. The need for such equipment drove the two brothers to create and construct a machine that would make marsh travel easier and more efficient. This amphibious equipment goes by several names, Swamp Buggy, Marsh Buggy and Mud Buggy.


The construction of the first Marsh Buggy was accomplished by using an old FORDSON farm tractor, which would mark the beginning of an experimental and progressive journey that has not yet ended.


Around the same time, boats of a specialized nature also became a necessity. These boats needed to be able to run in several inches of water, and they did. These were called "Mud Boats".


In the early 1930's oil was discovered in the marshy areas of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas. These discoveries called for a certain type vehicle to transport personnel and equipment that was needed to seek out the elusive "Black Gold".



Crain Brothers built and operated Marsh Buggies and boats to service these endeavors. These activities have continued through to the present day. In the late 1940's, seismic activity not only brought about the discovery of oil and gas but also brought about a need for construction of pipelines, platforms and facilities.




In the early part of the 1950's, Crain Brothers Inc. was formed in addition to the partnership. The main activity of this firm was to take on "hard dollar" contracts constructing pipelines for gathering petroleum produced in the new fields. Later,  this construction activity was expanded to include building docks, bulkheads, road fill, board roads, compressor facilities, gathering systems, measuring systems, tank installations, liquid hydrocarbon recovery plants, excavation of access canals in the wetland, setting of marine - shallow water production platforms, production facilities, pile driving, labor and offshore dock services.


  All of these activities were accomplished in an environment that was hostile to standard construction methods. Crain Brothers Inc., unaware that others paled and refused to tackle such projects, proceeded to accomplish the most difficult task presented. With an enthusiasm and expertise gained through their many years of experience with wet, unstable soils and difficult terrain, seemingly impossible tasks were accomplished over and over again. 


In the mid 1960's the partnership was dissolved and all activity was combined into the entity of Crain Brothers, Inc. which is the identity used today. The Company is presently under management by a grandson of one of the original founders. Their style of construction has departed only slightly from the early days of 1950. Quality, safety, integrity and craftsmanship are still the norm. Time of completion is still the paramount objective.

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