Crain Brothers, Inc.

is People

Our people take pride in their work because they do it well.   They know their job and what it takes to handle a difficult situation.  The people of Crain Brothers, Inc. make the difference and can adapt to working safely and efficiently even in a difficult working environment. 

Crain Bros Inc.
is Solutions

When we find a challenge, we find a solution.    Utilizing the latest in specialized equipment, we tackle all forms of difficult marine construction.   Even in wetlands, Crain Brothers routinely solves problems which are risky to others, such as hazardous shore approaches.   Problems similar to these require experience and adaptation.   Crain Brothers, Inc. is the company that can deliver these solutions.



Crain Brothers, Inc.
is Equipment

Crain Brothers has all of the equipmet neccessary to take a job from start to finish.  Turnkey marine construction is highly demanding and complex to work, requiring all types of equipment to negociate particular problem areas.  We are accustomed to such problems and consider them a challenge.

Crain Brothers Inc.
is a Total Company

Equipment is useless without the people and experience to operate it for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.  Combine the three and you have a very capable company at your disposal.  

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